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Sai Sen Vietnamese. Traditional Phin Filter set

Sai Sen Vietnamese. Traditional Phin Filter set


Synonymous with Vietnamese coffee culture, the phin filter is a slow drip method of brewing coffee which emphasizes the innate flavors of the coffee beans used. The brewing device is used in countless traditional Vietnamese coffee recipes—from the iconic ca phe sua da, Vietnamese iced coffee, to ca phe trung, egg coffee, to ca phe cot dua, coconut coffee—and has recently gained recognition in the West, popping up in kitchens and cafés throughout Europe and the United States.

While machine-brewed coffee is popular in the world, Vietnamese people love enjoying filter coffee. The filter has a special structure to penetrate and extract all the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, filter
coffee is only strong when it is made from coffee with a high percentage of Robusta. Robusta is a
traditional Vietnamese coffee bean, grown and cared for in the fertile highlands. It is also a type of coffee bean with high caffeine content, creating a strong bitter taste and passionate aroma. The Vietnamese people have chosen and had their own refined preparation: add a few tablespoons of coffee that has been roasted to the right degree and ground to keep the flavor intact, to the filter; slowly pour
the boiling water to penetrate the coffee and then press the filter, then add about half a cup of boiling water to extract the essence through the filter (filter coffee). It can be said that filter coffee is not only a
recipe, it is also a name representing the culture and quintessence of the Vietnam to international friends.
It is not easy to make a right cup of filter coffee. The barista must have enough experience, calmness and understanding of the coffee beans. Coffee connoisseurs believe that only filter coffee is strong enough to help people stay awake to start the day. When living in the hustle and bustle of life, sipping coffee in the morning will make many people realize that filter coffee is not just a drink, but also the
beauty of Vietnamese culture.


    • Vietnamese Aluminum Coffee Filter - high quality aluminum is used, suitable for keeping heat well, radiating evenly.
    • Fair use of anodized technology ensures consumer health and high aesthetics.
    • The filter surface is treated with anode technology (Anodizing) to help prevent corrosion, protect the surface, and long-term use.
    • The product does not stain, rust, the filter is not oxidized when used for a long time, ensuring the health of the user and does not affect the coffee taste.
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