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Honeycomb slippers-Vietnam - Dep to ong

Honeycomb slippers-Vietnam - Dep to ong

SKU: 679966789542

 Dép Tổ Ong Goes From Timeless Family Keepsake to Millennial Ico.

Dép tổ ong, which translates to “honeycomb slippers,” is neither fashionable nor imposing. It’s made of painfully beige rubber with a “thicker-than-life” sole and a strap featuring a hexagonal pattern that resembles a honeycomb. What the honeycomb slippers lack in style, they more than make up for in durability and functionality, as is the case with most goods produced during Vietnam’s Doi Moi years. This is also why nowadays the footwear is still a common item for children in the country’s less fortunate regions, like northern Vietnam’s mountainous provinces.


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